How might we improve rail travel experience for a sleeper class passenger?

MakeMyTrip and UX Now are inviting you to look at Rail Travel this year. Designers can make small interventions that create a huge difference to India’s largest travel ecosystem.

From checking rail schedules, finding the right train, checking and finding availability, booking tickets, locating platforms, handling luggage, boarding trains and in-train services; there is a scope for design intervention everywhere.

So work on that small intervention and create a big impact. Also get a chance to win an Ipad in the process.




Different users, Different needs
80% of carriages on medium and long distance trains are sleeper class. It is undoubtedly the best value for money travel in India. The users are varied; they hail from different cultures, speak different languages, are of different ages and have different constructs. They are united in their need for travel, and solving for these different needs requires a designerly touch.

Unlearning as a Designer
As an Indian designer, rethinking a quintessentially Indian experience requires questioning the typical. We expect you to question the norm, think radically and push the boundaries of designing for user behaviour.

Solving for a real need
Any changes made for sleeper class coaches almost always has budget constraints. Any small intervention will have to be carried out on a large scale. We expect you to keep this in mind and make systems that are scalable.


Experience while Ticketing
Even though majority of users book online, a big part of users still book at the counter. A lot of users book for travels that are planned, made suddenly, amended, or are just plain urgent. How might we create a better ticketing experience for them?

Experience at the Station
Senior citizens, expectant mothers and even parents with babies prefer trains. A more typical user deals with problems of their own. Wayfinding, waiting at platforms/lounges, handling luggage, boarding etc. How might we create a more holistic experience at the station?

Experience on the Train
Every route has it’s own quirks. Some routes are scenic, some are historically rich, some have good food, some not so much. How might we make this rail experience better for first time and return users?

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Different users, Different needs 80% of carriages on medium and long distance trains are sleeper class.

Register by Mon, 25 September
Go to https://goo.gl/forms/JKUEB6i9MkTOShU52 and register as an individual or as a team of 2. The challenge is open to students and professionals.

Mail the entry by Mon, 2 October
Drop us a mail at uxnowevent@gmail.com. The subject of the mail should be ‘UxNow Design Challenge Entry’. Write the cover description and attach the presentation and the concept.

Results will be announced at UX Now 2017 on 7 October.


Even though we encourage a systems level solution, your entry could be anything – UX for ticketing, UX for VR or even an attempt at on route sightseeing! We will need:

Cover Description (200 words)
State the problem you are solving and briefly describe the solution.

Concept (PDF format)
Feel free to elaborate on the design process. You can put research, insights, sketches and even iterations to your solution. We will judge the Concept PDF to decide the winner.