12 - 13 January 2024


The Annual Design Conference

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"From Michelangelo's intricate sculptures to cutting-edge UX design, the link lies in their shared commitment to detail, user-centricity, and storytelling. Sculptors express through marble, designers through pixels, but both aim to captivate, inspire, and convey a message. The art of creating unforgettable experiences transcends mediums"

Day One Fri, 12th Jan 2024
Day Two Sat , 13 Jan 2024

A Two Day Event

09:00   Registration Open / Caffeine, Chai & Chatter

09:45 Aakash Kumar Aakash Kumar Head of Design at MakeMyTrip & Goibibo UXnow Welcome Note

10:00 Sameer Sameer Bhiwani Design leadership at Google Creativity and the Pursuit of Passion

10:30 indi_circle Indi Young Data Scientist indiyoung.com
(This will be a remote session over zoom)
Fostering diverse thinking styles with a Foundation of Listening Deeply

11:00 Juhi_circle Juhi Chitra Product Designer running Studio Sense, Ex-Head of design at Zomato Preserving the Spark While Surviving in Design

11:30   Caffeine, Chai & Chatter Break

12:00 Rasagya Sharma Rasagy Sharma Senior Design Manager, Capital One Swimming in data (as the AI wave approaches)

12:30 akansha Akanksha Singh Director of UX, Expedia Emotional Design in UX: Creating Products that Resonate

13:00   Lunchtime , Chatter & Networking Break

14:00 Fatema Raja, Jayesh Sachdev, Parag Anand, Divyanshu Bansal, Deepika Dutta Kapoor Panel Discussion: AI and It's Impact on Design

14:45 Dharmesh Dharmesh Ba Founder,1990 Research Labs Sculpting GenAI for Indian Small Businesses

15:15 Niyam Niyam Bhushan Founder, DesignRev.in How Might We Sensitively Design for Privacy in India

15:45   Caffeine, Chai & Chatter Break

16:15 ananya Ananya Mittal Design Manager, Microsoft Crafting a Thriving Career: Beyond Design Skills

16:45 kshitiz Kshitiz Anand CEO, Happy Horizon Group Provoked: Problem Solving, Complexity and a Quest for a Meaningful Life

17:15 no_image Aakash Kumar, Hardik Pandya, Rahul Saini Fireside Chat: Beyond the Pixels with Aakash, Rahul and Hardik

17:45   Event Closure

18:00   Networking Reception for All Access Pass Holders


Design Contest


Breathe Easy Delhi: Innovative Solutions for Winter Air Quality

Problem Statement

The winter months in Delhi NCR are plagued by severe air quality issues, often reaching hazardous levels. Traditional measures have shown limited effectiveness. Design innovative, sustainable, and scalable solutions to control and improve air quality during this critical period.

Key Considerations:

•  Seasonal Variability: Solutions should specifically address the unique challenges presented during winter, where factors like temperature inversion contribute to the trapping of pollutants.
•  Community Involvement: Encourage community engagement and participation in the solution. How can residents actively contribute to and benefit from the initiative?
•  Scalability and Accessibility: Develop solutions that are scalable and can be implemented at both individual and community levels. Consider the accessibility of the solutions across diverse socio-economic groups.
•  Collaboration with Stakeholders: Propose strategies for collaboration between government bodies, private enterprises, NGOs, and citizens. How can a multi-stakeholder approach be fostered?

•  Policy Recommendations: Explore innovative policy recommendations that could be implemented to support and sustain air quality improvements. How can regulations be crafted to incentivise positive changes?

How to submit the idea
One person can submit only 1 solution.The final solution must be submitted to uxnow@makemytrip.com before 8th January 2024, 2:00 PM.

This challenge aims to stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving to address a critical issue affecting the well-being of the community in Delhi NCR. Participants are encouraged to think holistically and propose solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable in the long term. The goal is for participants to submit a well-researched and innovative proposal that not only addresses the challenges but also provides a roadmap for practical implementation and long-term impact. Feel free to provide visual representations, such as diagrams, sketches, or models, to help convey the concept and implementation of the solution.

Winners will be announced during the event.

!! Forgot to mention, the winner get's an iPad as well. Better put your thinking caps on.


India Habitat Centre Lodhi Road Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, Institutional Area, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003


Fri, 12th Jan 2024 Day One   Talks + Networking Sat, 13th Jan 2024 Day Two   Workshops

All Talks Regular INR 5000 +GST BUY sold_out_icon

Talks + Includes All Talks, 1 Morning Workshop or 1 Afternoon Workshop Regular INR 6000 +GST BUY sold_out_icon

Talks ++ Includes All Talks, 1 Morning Workshop & 1 Afternoon Workshop Regular INR 7000 +GST BUY sold_out_icon

All Access Includes Talks, 1 Morning Workshop, 1 Afternoon Workshop & Networking Over Drinks Regular INR 8000 +GST BUY sold_out_icon

Day One Fri, 12th Jan 2024   Talks + Networking Day Two Sat, 13th Jan 2024   Workshops


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